Rented a room for 2 nights in a monastery in February and were the only guests during our stay. The caretaker didn't speak English so we got by with smiles and gestures. The atmosphere was peaceful and view from the back balcony over all of Cortona was breathtaking. The caretaker made a very simple breakfast each morning.
Cortona Italy - Home of Under the Tuscan Sun
A dusting of snow on a flower pot outside our room window was my good morning sight.

The draped window is in a hall in the monastery. I love Italy's Hill Town hospitality.


St Francis of Assisi Church in Assisi Italy

Prague Czech Republic - Town Square Tower
Rome Vatican Guards
Apartment Balcony
A balcony entrance to the apartment we rented in Rome Italy
Nordlingen Germany
While walking along the empty streets early one morning I thought it funny how this man on a bike stopped for the red light even with no car or person in sight

A castle outside of Vienna Austria - Krueuestein Castle
Cesky Krumluv - Czech Republic

Walked through a cave entrance to get to this spot for lunch on the river

Stonehenge England
Kitzbuhl, Austrian Alps
Porta Vallarta Mexico
Prague Czech Republic